Art of the Spirit by Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson

The Galactik Trading Card Deck and Oracle Complex is a unique visionary artifact combining numerous elements from the language of the soul, creating a hand-full of images and words that act as portals to the cosmos and consciousness. This integral vision and production becomes an illuminating cauldron of Promethean fire. Every time we take out the ‘deck’ we dip into the beauty of our own tomorrow, we are developing more of our own greater potential, brief but glorious glimpses of which speak to us through a visionary and integral art.

Like consciousness cartographers integral visionary artists hone the tools of self awareness and the skills with which to use fine art as alchemical formulae for transformation. The most genuine Visionary art, like a healthy spirituality, is free from addiction, dependence on any additives, or crutches and avoidance and is characterized by an openness and willingness to face reality. An integral art expresses our humanity, diversity and our divinity, our frailty and our strength, our darkness and our light. It inspires reverence for life and enhances our capacity
for love, peace, and joy. It affects our inner and outer worlds and has far-reaching personal, social and cultural implications via its inspirational impact and fusion of experience. This integrated spirituality supports freedom, autonomy, self-esteem, and social responsibility. It does not deny our humanity, or depend on suppression or denial of emotions, sexuality or the beliefs of others. It is inclusive; it is not exclusive. Art is a fluid and sacred language that speaks to us, not only with a resonating solace and serenity but also with a powerful potential for transformation. It can be a sword of fiery change.

Spirit directs artistic practice in transcending our limited and frozen identities toward a more expansive experience of our self and infinite nature. The work produced increasingly reflects a deeper and richer language of the soul. This visual language also acts as symbols and signs for the creative worker to act as a microcosmic reflection of macrocosmic principles in the universal process of grand creation. For modern conventional scientists, creatures of rational thinking and, for the most part, still enveloped in the 17th century age of ‘Enlightenment‘, claims of mystical awakenings and non-ordinary states of consciousness has long been addressed as self-deception, charlatanism, chemical occurrences in brain matter, mental disorder, gullibility, or all of the above. Non-conceptual thinking is often hard to describe in words. Still, it fires up a description, or subtle picture of intuition, aesthetic experiences, inspiration, and the indescribable feelings attached to phenomena such as doing complex mathematics, feeling love or grief, experiencing ecstatic visions and finding spiritual enlightenment. This disinterested play of consciousness wherein one ’loses oneself’ to the state of ’no I’ is also the fertile ground of creativity, genius, ART and transformation.

The artist’s compelling nature and need to create forms, to experience the fusion of matter and spirit in an object can eventually dissolve into the experience of becoming all forms. In time, the artist who has worshiped God as Beauty, becomes what he or she has been meditating on all along, seemingly for eons, and so Beauty also becomes God. The soul realizes what it was all along. The artistic soul in its constant attempt to fuse self, spirit and matter in a single object called ‘art,’ finally fuses self with all objects, sees beauty everywhere all at once, in all matter, in all spirit, in all forms. The artist becomes Beauty. This stage of consciousness is acquired not by way of observation, but by way of participation in the artistic fusion between spirit and matter.

The visionary artist exclaims, indeed, we may all exclaim: I am the Absolute, the smile and the sorrow, the lion and the sparrow. We are gazing out of every face; we are carved out of the same ONE light. The ecstatic experience can be a blissful intoxication of sorts, and at the same time offer a crystal clear flash of awareness. Now whether as a painter or a plumber, you look out at the world of forms from the ecstatic eyes of formlessness. You see forever and there is this push toward self-discovery that returns you to total remembrance. You awake and realize that you are on a great pilgrimage that leads back to where you started, to who and what you always were and already are right now, will always be and what you are becoming.