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Art of the Spirit by Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson

The Galactik Trading Card Deck and Oracle Complex is a unique visionary artifact combining numerous elements from the language of the soul, creating a hand-full of images and words that act as portals to the cosmos and consciousness. This integral vision and production becomes an illuminating cauldron of Promethean fire. Every time we take out the ‘deck’ we dip into the beauty of our own tomorrow, we are developing more of our own greater potential, brief but glorious glimpses of which speak to us through a visionary and integral art.

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Galactik Games by Erik Davis

The Galactic Trading Card Oracle Complex Entheo Art Microgallery is a contemporary visionary artifact that combines elements of the Tarot, the Dreamspell, trading cards, and an art catalog into a gorgeous and deeply millennial chunk of meta-programming soultech. The artworks reproduced on the face of the cards all emerge from today’s thriving world of visionary and fantastic art, where shamanic impulses go galactic and the human imagination meets the transhuman realms.

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Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex by Laurence Caruana

Anyone visiting my studio here in Paris is entering, unaware, into a galactik plot designed to assassinate their everyday ego and deliver them, through a willful act of sheer serendipity, to their higher, unknown self. For a pack of the Galactik Trading Cards sits, sphinx-like, on a shelf near my easel – awaiting its next victim.

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Galactik Intro by Daniel Mirante

Strange and organic forms are left behind in the wake of the transpersonal experience, the entheogenic experience. Like the sea leaves behind honeycombed grottoes of limestone karst and mathematical hard-coral gardens, like the gothic flaked crystal style of sacred temples. Some of these new forms, these primordial forms, forms of the psyche restored to nature, liberated from small-time stories and agendas, are represented here, in this sacred tool of the galactic complex.

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Entheo Art and Spirit Culture by Delvin Solkinson

Since deep in the mists of time the human creative imagination has been filled with reflections of spirit. Sometimes these came as dreams or visions, in art and song or through the very fabric of ordinary life. Splendored landscapes, mystical beings, sacred forms and heavenly architectures, all shards in a mythology rich with an intelligence of design. All cultural traditions reflect this spirit of the divine imagination, it is at the heart of the human. In our modern media miasma we may find a poly-pantheon of entities and blessed realms rich with nuance and meaning.

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