Entheo Art and Spirit Culture by Delvin Solkinson

Since deep in the mists of time the human creative imagination has been filled with reflections of spirit. Sometimes these came as dreams or visions, in art and song or through the very fabric of ordinary life. Splendored landscapes, mystical beings, sacred forms and heavenly architectures, all shards in a mythology rich with an intelligence of design. All cultural traditions reflect this spirit of the divine imagination, it is at the heart of the human. In our modern media miasma we may find a poly-pantheon of entities and blessed realms rich with nuance and meaning.

Today such art comes by many names and has many manifestations, some of these art culture movements are ; visionary art, fantastic realism, surrealism, magical realism, psychedelic art, fantasy art, fairy art, religious art, and new age art.

Like crystals, the different movements grow out of each other creating an interconnected mass of points and facets. Some see many of these different art culture genres unified by a common exploration into the divine spirit of the creative imagination. Entheo art is a cross-platform description of a non-localized, modern manifestation of this spirited art culture. 

It is a time of great transition for our civilization. The planetary art cultures are a celebration of what is past and what is possible, a shamanic bridge between presence and futures. Entheo art is both a vision and a vehicle for spirit, let it invoke a return to a deeper connectedness between the inspired spiritual life of creative production and the textured material life of the approaching technofuturism. Art is a form of life and its working with us to shape the very fabric of what’s to come.

Art by Erial Ali – www.erial.us