Galactik Games by Erik Davis

The Galactic Trading Card Oracle Complex Entheo Art Microgallery is a contemporary visionary artifact that combines elements of the Tarot, the Dreamspell, trading cards, and an art catalog into a gorgeous and deeply millennial chunk of meta-programming soultech. The artworks reproduced on the face of the cards all emerge from today’s thriving world of visionary and fantastic art, where shamanic impulses go galactic and the human imagination meets the transhuman realms.

Manifesting this magical energy of ancient-futurism, the Oracle complex itself is an enchanted, almost science-fiction articat, like Vulcan chess or the objets d’art in David Lynch’s Dune. This deck is an open system of pregnant glyphs and wandering codes, an organic matrix without edges or totalities. Use it however you may use it—for altar icons, or random gifting, or divination. It does not lock you in. It opens the portals.

Art by Vibrata Chromodoris –