Galactik Intro by Daniel Mirante

Strange and organic forms are left behind in the wake of the transpersonal experience, the entheogenic experience. Like the sea leaves behind honeycombed grottoes of limestone karst and mathematical hard-coral gardens, like the gothic flaked crystal style of sacred temples. Some of these new forms, these primordial forms, forms of the psyche restored to nature, liberated from small-time stories and agendas, are represented here, in this sacred tool of the galactic complex.

The visionary art emergence is evoking human potentials, powerfully sidestepping the written word, making it undeniable that there are vast realms for humans to grow into and explore. Culture is extending into the transpersonal space and new visual languages are being pioneered to present these liminal, transrational, mythopoetic realities.

Transcending the fetters of mundane, ingrained gravity basins of consensus reality, in these images and words, liberated life-force in the free-life state temple-dances in sensuality throughout the fields of creation, in bejeweled clarity and vitality, as fresh and pure as the first days, renewed and reborn from moment to moment.

The ancient ones, the wise ancestors, wish the best for us. The sun illuminates us, waits for the great acknowledgement, for every man and woman to acknowledge absolutely everything, with naked directness – which is true faith – to face the mystery, the hierophany of life without the crutches of stagnated mind, lopsided with unbalanced ‘rationality’. The deck fortells the time when we see with all our faculties, and when the spirits shall walk from the ocean, and down from the mountains, to greet and teach humanity.

Tools of practice and preparation. A tool of pathfinding, with unremittingly expansive guidance that provokes and opens – rather than restricts – possibilities. Come to the deck with a mundane query and you could be transported, unfolded, reminded of the sacred world. Come to the deck with a visionary mind and the subtle nectars of gaian response-ability, shamanic medicine, galactic pattern, and the beauty of the ideals, will fortify you today and in the time to come.