Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex by Laurence Caruana

Anyone visiting my studio here in Paris is entering, unaware, into a galactik plot designed to assassinate their everyday ego and deliver them, through a willful act of sheer serendipity, to their higher, unknown self. For a pack of the Galactik Trading Cards sits, sphinx-like, on a shelf near my easel – awaiting its next victim.

Inevitably, a visitor approaches and inquires, “What’s this?” – drawn to Pandora’s Box by the intriguing images, the arcane symbols and oracular texts engraved upon its cover. “Check it out…” I prompt, and within seconds the key turns, the cosmic mechanism engages, and the Oracle Complex begins.

Curious as Pandora herself, my guest peers at the contents. Image after image flashes past her eyes, their order and arrangement seemingly left to chance. Venosa, Hoffmann, Grey – their works file past, all well-known to the Visionary initiate. But surprisingly beautiful, indeed, masterful images from lesser-known artists also take form in the shadows – graphic art, graffiti, computer generated images…

Intrigued, my guest presses on, drawn onward by some higher, unseen power. Without her knowing, each card has been carefully designed, and contains within its frame a momentary epiphany, a seismic revelation seized at the height of entheogenic experience, then translated into forms and colours by the artist to please exactly her psychic disposition…

My visitor keeps flipping through the cards, still unaware of the epiphany that awaits. Suddenly, she stops. “Hey, look at this one…” A leap of intuition, a spark of recognition, a momentary flash – and suddenly, she is there….

From this one card, a galaxy of images spirals outward and explodes: crystalline jewels, kaleidoscopic shapes, vibrating chromodora. Here, a translucent snake entwines with ayahuasca vines; there, bardo beings expand, their faces a geometric mesh of multi-facetted gems.

At that moment, she remembers. Though she is still standing in my studio, seemingly contained within the fleshly envelope of her body, really her spirit is soaring elsewhere. The higher mind has arisen, and momentarily left the narrow confines of the flesh to laugh with the angels, dance with the stars and enter into union with that serene, unseen divinity dwelling, ultimately, in herself.

“Cool…” my visitor remarks, still not fully understanding what has happened.

By what chance turning of Fortune’s Wheel did this card, at this moment in time, connect her to her higher self? Did both she and the artist stand before the same doorway to eternity, but at different moments in linear time? Do separate doors of perception share a higher mind? Why did this particular image – its colours, forms and shapes – suddenly resonate, for her, at a higher level… uniting her with the artist in a sudden revelation?
Only the Galactik Oracle Complex holds the keys to the mysteries. …Shuffle the cards and see for yourself.