Galactik Trading Cards : Spirit Medicine Vehicle – Alchemical Synergy by Lunaya Shekinah

For the past 8 years, I have been among the very few in this world to have been blessed by my direct contact, with a project that has lit my spirit aflame with a divine inspiration, informed and empowered my relationships, and educated me in ways I never could have dreamed of.

About the Galactik Trading Card Project

The Galactik Trading Cards (, is a very humble looking art card project, which features beautiful artwork from artists all over the world. These tarot-like trading cards have artwork on the front, and poetry, divinatory symbols, and art / community credits on the back. There’s a unifying theme in the artwork, which is very hard to really put your finger on. This genre has been referred to as spirit art, really as an umbrella term to refer to the common thread between “fantastic art, indigenous art, fantasy art, spiritual art, shamanic art, visionary art, entheo art, magical realism, imaginal realism, and surrealism” as stated on the website, and more.

This is a planetary project which includes at least one artist from just about every country on Earth. The poetry on the back now usually includes a translation into another language, so that now there are languages from just about everywhere, all over the world, including some rare and ancient languages hardly spoken any more!

Every single artist has given their direct, explicit permission to be a part of the project. Some of these artists are living or recently deceased grand masters of ancient traditions in painting and expression. Translators, designers, and all manner of participants have been carefully, lovingly self-elected and/or chosen based on their compatibility and alignment with the spirit of each individual card – not just the vibe of its artwork and design, but also the culture that it’s from, the people already involved with it, and the subject matter and background behind the artwork. These are not just trippy pictures, or cool art cards! There is so much more going on here than meets the eye.

No one makes a profit off these cards, and they are created in the most environmentally conscious, small scale and carefully crafted way possible. With this project, we are outside of the realm of what you see in bookstores, on Amazon, or anywhere in mass consumer culture. It’s a template for a whole new way of relating to products and items for human use, and therefore it is a template for how we can relate to human culture in general – the stuff of our lifestyles.

A vehicle for a larger body of spirit and medicine

As if the basic description of the project isn’t moving enough, I’d like to share about some of the deeper ways that I have come into contact with what I speak of as the underlying spirit of this project. When I talk about the project having a spirit, I am actually referring to how I see it as a vehicle for another very real and larger spirit essence that uses it deliberately to move through people’s lives in a healing and benevolent, transformative and evolutionary way. I believe it’s that very spirit, which I call the spirit of medicine, which ultimately has seeded the original inspiration for the project to happen, and has intimately guided its emergence into the world in every single step along the way, through all involved.

It would take too long for me to reflect on personal experiences in my life that have led me to have such a very real and tangible sense of this “spirit of medicine”. Yet, for the poetic sake of communicating my truth, I will describe this spirit that I feel so connected to, for the sake of all who can intuitively relate to it in some way, abstract or real.

Ultimately, I can only really say that the spirit of medicine is a very real, alive, aware, conscious, active presence in the world, which takes form in the spiritual realms and extends its work and pathways through the lives of others – human, plant, and beyond, in all dimensions, physical and otherwise. As I see it, this is like a great master being which deals a grand and most high evolutionary and healing force. I would not really call this spirit-being God exactly, but I’m sure many who had contact with it would intuitively relate to it on some kind of deity or God level. It is just so much more than the human mind can totally grasp, and yet it works intimately with the human story, all the way down to the finest details.

Though I hope to one day describe it with more specificity, and map this incredible force that I am so aware of and in such intimate contact with, I can only be thankful at this time for what I know of it.

The feeling that has come up for me continually, throughout some of my deepest considerations about the way this truly magical card series has moved through my life and the lives of others, my community and the world community, and the pathways of cultural evolution on a small and large scale, is this : truly, this project is a vehicle for the spirit of medicine. As a practical, simple, workable system that is always being improved, it acts as a foundational way for this spirit presence to really touch the lives of individuals and groups. Sometimes, I think the elements of spirit require vessels, to move through the physical world. Like our bodies, the material realm can provide systems, containers, pathways for spirit to move through and act with. That is what I feel happening with this card project.

The alchemical process of communal synergy

There are so many ways in which I have witnessed the very real magic of these cards over the years. Stories of these cards passing from hand to hand, being randomly drawn, and making appearances at key moments, are often funny, profoundly meaningful, striking, emotionally deep, intellectually stimulating, and most importantly, very conducive to relationship and community building. I have my own very intimate, inner set of favourite, sentimental stories about the cards. I am constantly hearing from others about their own. So many memories – so many revelatory moments – so many affirmations.

For the first few years especially, I related to these cards most highly in terms of their role as an alternative form of tarot deck. They are after all, an oracle set. Although they draw from many tarot-like archetypes, they are more than a tarot, incorporating many streams of traditional divination. For that reason, they work with the ancient principles of how to “divine” by invoking something greater than yourself through the ritual use of a simple tool set, combined with your own reflections, questioning, emotions and intent. Yet, I can certainly attest that these cards act in much more dynamic ways than any one tarot deck or oracle system has ever taken shape in my shared reality with others.

Because the deck not only combines divinatory systems, but also weaves the threads of people, places, languages, cultures, artists, artwork, inspirations, design, poetry, and more, into such a highly integrated platform, the divinatory result is super charged as something that very practically takes shape on many dimensions at once. I’d like to refer to this weaving of many threads together, as a kind of synergistic alchemy. When I say alchemy, I’m talking about taking a series of common elements, and combining them to make something completely new – something much more precious and rare, like gold compared to copper or tin.

A beautiful and inspiring piece of artwork is one thing. Combine it with a poem about its larger significance is another. Add to that, background information about a master artist who painted it is yet more. Then consider a small community of carefully curated collaborators who made the card happen. In the very same moment, consider the person handing you the card and the circumstances around that gifting. Receive the card with these considerations, and add to them the spirit of your moment, and your feelings and thoughts as you exist in that moment. Add to that all your memories of seeing this card, or artwork, or elements of the card in the past, and their added significance. I could go on and on.

The combined result of all this is more than the sum of its parts – it is a kind of communal synergy, an alchemical form of very real magic, which creates moments of contact with something so much greater than ourselves. Sometimes I feel that this kind of contact with something so much greater, is really what we humans live for in the larger scheme. It drives us to evolve. It enriches our sense of purpose. It makes us thrive in a very profound sense.

No wonder I am just a little bit more than obsessed with this oft’ overlooked, humble looking little card project.

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