At this time of transition for our world, the creative imagination looms large in addressing pressing planetary concerns. This global community building initiative and collective design process is a response to this complex of crises, reflecting human visions of a more-than-human world. Explore the edges, and celebrate the new visionary design culture with these shimmering facets of a new world crystal.

Both arriving and residing within the Beyond comes a novel expression of micro-metaMedia, a confluence of visionary energies and a network of creative expressions. The newest chapter of the Galactik Trading Card Oracle media platform, Beyond 2012, charts the creative path of a team of visionary designers applying their otherworldly skills to the ‘Celestial World Set’, a unique global visionary arts collection featuring artists from 40 countries.

This 20 page micro-tome features the far-reaching visionary pioneering of Sijay James, Shaun FreeZen, Phong, Lunaya Shekinah, Brook Paulin, Mugwort, Kodimus Prime and Olivia Curry. Journey along side each designer, exploring their unique methodologies of serene future sight, navigating through the ceaseless waves of frenetic contemporary media milieu.

Both mirrors and doorways into the ever deepening lineage of visionary design tech, check out the 120 page hardcover treatise which explores the full 10 year history of the Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex, including the newly rendered 2.0 chapter, Beyond 2012.

This tome features visionary art from Robert Venosa, Guy Aitchison, Erial, Luke Brown, Xavi, and includes technical design artistry from Shaun FreeZen, Sijay James, Phong, Lunaya Shekinah, Brook Paulin, Mugwort, Justin Totemical, Marisa Scirocco, Eli Morgan and Olivia Curry. This expansive collection is anchored by collaborative nanotech essays from Delvin Solkinson and Shaun Friesen, along with rich micro-articles from many members of the design team.

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